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About Us

Blue-U Defense is the "thought-leader" in the design of personal, family, corporate, school, and organization-of-faith safety and security educational systems that work!

We have developed a completely new, far more effective, engaging, and practical way of learning. Blue-U Safe Kids provides continuous, ongoing, collaborative learning resources delivered by today's most effective means - short, powerful, ongoing, and experience and expertise-generating and in your way and time. It's learning through foundation-building and understanding and peer-collaboration or "learning and developing experience through the experiences of others". This is really incredible!

As a Parent, Joining May Be The Best Decision You'll Ever Make For Your Kids

"The two most unique and dangerous threats to the well-being of our kids are drugs and acts-of-violence"

Your kids and family are the most precious things in your life. Giving them the life skills necessary to prevent and deal effectively with today's dangerous and unique threats is not only important, it's critical. On one hand you know it's critical education; on the other you face the same problem most parents have in understanding how to do this most effectively, especially based on the age appropriateness of delivering education on a topic that could be considered a "scary" and "challenging". 

Blue-U Safe Kids has been designed to provide parents you with all of the tools and resources necessary to begin to "develop thinkers" and provide your kids with the critical education required to establish true safety and security. These are the "life-skills" that they will take with them and use to their advantage for the rest of their lives.  

Recognizing the challenges with age-appropriate education, we have created multiple age-based categories so that you have the right resources for your kids - regardless of their age. 

The ability to be able to communicate directly with your peers!

Share thoughts, ideas, philosophies, and expertise with others who have an interest in "developing thinkers" and truly keeping their kids, families, and communities safe!

"Think" Together

"Learn" Together

"Teach" Together

"Talk Together"

What You'll Get For Your Investment

It's simple:

We want everything that is in our heads - in your heads; and in your kids heads! This resource is packed with information (delivered via articles, video, live broadcasts, and every other way we can think of and as frequently as we think of it) to develop the skills necessary in your children to achieve "true safety and security" that you will not find anywhere else, let alone all in one location.

A single source for the resources that parents of children all ages need to develop the "life skills" of violence awareness, prevention, and survival in their children

Current Topics:

Blue-U Safe Kids Learning Curriculum

Blue-U Power Thoughts - Quick, Powerful Tips

The Foundational Elements of Safety and Security

Physical Security of the Home

Visualization Resources

Practical Personal Defense Skills

School Safety and Security: The things that the schools won't teach your kids. 

Drugs - The Greatest Danger to Our Kids Safety

Survival - Preparing for Chaos

The Art of War - Strategy/Intelligence vs Might

AND - We have covered one additional aspect of the challenges of educating your kids on today's unique and dangerous threats:

The ability to be able to communicate directly with your peers via a "Chat Forum". Communicate directly with other parents and experts that all have a common interest - Keeping Their Kids Safe!

Here's the Best Part:

We will add new material to this resource on a regular basis, all year long, so that you have everything that you need to create Blue-U Safe Kids!

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